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Phlebotomy Technician

You will learn proper blood collection techniques and the preparation and proper handling of blood specimens. You will study the anatomy and physiology of the circulatory system, aseptic techniques and infection control procedures, communication techniques, medical ethics and safety procedures.  These concepts will be practiced in a laboratory environment on mannequin arms.. In addition to the lecture and the laboratory workshop, the course includes supervised live blood draws.
After the timely submission of all required health forms, students will work under the direction and supervision of a certified phlebotomy instructor and will receive hands on experience by performing a minimum of 30 live sticks--15 venipuncture, 10capillary and 5 butterfly sticks in accordance with regulations of the National Health Career Association (NHA.)    Because live sticks will be performed on each other and volunteers, participants will sign an “Acknowledgement of Risk” form. 
Books and test fee is not included in the tuition
Course ID/# : 1587/5930052
Tuition: $999.00   Materials Cost: $10.00

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