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Payment Plan

The Continuing and Professional Education Center payment plan allows you to pay your education expenses in smaller, more manageable monthly installments. There is a $40 per semester enrollement fee to participate and the payment plan is only available for classes costing $900.00 or more.  

All students and families, regardless of need or financial standing, are eligible for these payment plans. There is no approval process. 

To get started:
1. Choose the classes you are interested in.
2. Registrants will need a Learner ID.  Click here to register as a student.
3. Visit to enroll in the payment plan.  
4. If you need further assistance or if you prefer to enroll by phone, please call 800-722-4867.


Frequently asked Questions

Q: What billing options are available for the Payment Plan?
A: The easiest, fastest and most convenient way to receive your bills is through our eBill option. Once you enroll in eBill, an email will be sent to you when your bill is ready for viewing in our secure online portal. You may also opt to receive paper bills by mail. You may elect to enroll in eBill at any time by logging into your account and updating your preferences.

Q: How can I access my account information?
A: You can access your account information at any time through our secure online portal. Once you login, you can view your account balance, view your bills, make a payment, and update your account information. If you require additional assistance, you may also call our Customer Care Center at 800-722-4867 or 401-921-3999 (outside U.S. and Canada) or send us an email at